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Every small business needs clean books, so we created the ultimate bookkeeping checklist to help you achieve them.

We use checklists for so many things in our lives, so why not our money? Our talented bookkeepers at Bookbird have compiled a simple and thorough checklist that you can action right away to help you better manage your books and achieve crispy clean finances.

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In this checklist we break it down by:
  • Daily: It's crazy how easy it is to forget your daily routines, but with these few daily tasks your books will be better for it. Best part? It'll only take you minutes!
  • Weekly: Do it Monday or do it Friday, the key is just-do-it! We break down the simple weekly tasks that will generate you a healthy stockpile of good financial health.
  • Monthly: Do you remember all the monthly bookkeeping requirements each month? If you do, you've got a photographic memory! We've listed every action you need to take, and then we've broken down how to do them and how to make them efficient. Enjoy!
  • And more: Bookkeeping can be complex and some tasks aren't as regular. We've even broken down tasks into two-monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and annual periods, so you can do what's required, when it's required and have the healthiest finances in your industry. Your pocket will thank you for it. 

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