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The ultimate guide to Xero for small businesses and startups in 2018.

Xero is a kiwi success story, and their software is employed by thousands of businesses here and everywhere! We've been using Xero for years: for ourselves, for our awesome clients, and our amazing team of bookkeepers and cloud accountants.

We've compiled a thorough guide on how to optimise your usage of the software, with tips, tricks, simple processes and hidden gems that'll have you crushing Xero and crushing your finances! Download it below and get the results right away!

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In this guide we look at everything from:
  • Simple Xero hacks: What can you do right away that is going to drastically change your processes? Could you save minutes and dollars right off the bat? We have a bunch of tricks and actions you can take right away to generate quick wins for you and your finances. 
  • Expense Management: How do you pay your expenses? We're all different, so we look at how your current processes can fit into Xero's system, rather than having to change it. This way, you can do business your way and still utilise Xero to it's full capabilites. 
  • Invoices, Payment and Statements: These words sound boring, even when we rhyme them! That's why we've broken down a ton of tips, tricks, processes and step-by-step flows you can take to make them far quicker, simpler and more efficient.
  • And more: Cashflow, Mobile Apps, Inventory Management, Cash Coding; we cover everything and look at all the ways that different types of businesses with different models can benefit from Xero's software and utilise all the features that best suit them.

    This guide has something for every business and will have you an expert in no time, moving around the software like it's your own shopfloor!

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